An innovative method of hydrostimulation seed treatment

What is Aquaholder?

Aquaholder is a product designed for hydrostimulation treatment of seeds. The active substance of Aquaholder is a superabsorbent polymer.

The essence of hydrostimulation seed coating consists in applying of a thin layer of Aquaholder product containing a superabsorbent onto the seed. The purpose of this layer is to bind moisture/soil moisture after the sowing into the soil and then form a layer of hydrogel around the seed, from which the seed is able to absorb water. The hydrogel layer around the seed serves as a reservoir of water that would not otherwise be available for the seed, due to the lower frequency of precipitation, or the drainage of water into the subsoil, which is out of the reach of the seed.


How does Aquaholder work? 

The action of Aquaholder and its effects are illustrated in the following animation. The aim of Aquaholder application is to provide the plant with better conditions for the initial stages of development by capturing and subsequently releasing water around the seed. A better start then creates the preconditions for a better yield.

What are superabsorbents?

Superabsorbent polymers, called also superabsorbents, are water-absorbing substances which are referred to as hydrogels after the absorption of water. Absorbents are able to absorb 100-500 times water in proportion to their own weight. The resulting hydrogel contains up to 99.9% of water. For agricultural purposes, it is important to use suitable types of superabsorbents. They have, in addition to the retention capacity, also the ability to gradually release water for the plant root system during the drought.

How do superabsorbents work?

The essence of Aquaholder´s function is the absorption of water molecules by a superabsorbent polymer, which is its active ingredient. This substance is able to absorb a huge amount of water that counts to 100-500 times of its weight. The superabsorbent chains are interconnected into a 3D structure. After the contact of the absorbent with a water, the water molecules are physically anchored in the 3D structure of the absorbent. Due to diffusion, the water molecules fill the designated areas in the absorbent structure and create a hydrogel. The driving force of the absorption is the concentration gradient, the effort to balance the concentration of water outside and inside of the particle. The water can be subsequently released back from the hydrogel that is formed from water and the absorbent.  The release of water molecules into the environment occurs when the concentration of water in the environment is lower than the concentration of water in the hydrogel. The quantity of released water molecules depends on balancing of the difference between the amount of water in the hydrogel and its outdoor environment.

Plant support

The purpose of Aquaholder seed coating is to support the development of plants in the first, for vegetation critical stages of growth, especially in arid and semi-arid regions and in soils unable to retain moisture. In recent years, the uneven distribution of rainfall has become a major risk for farmers in "favorable" agricultural conditions. Here, the Aquaholder can serve as an insurance in the event of an unexpected drought in the days following the sowing.

Demonstration of the action of Aquaholder in the soil

Seeds coated by Aquaholder effectively retain the surrounding water and keep the moisture needed for their germination and their emergence period.

Environmental impact

Aquaholder is environmentally neutral - the polymer used decomposes in the soil into CO2, water, ammonia, nitrogen and potassium salt, all substances that could be naturally found in the soil. The active substance is approved by the Central and Testing Institute in agriculture in Bratislava, Slovakia (ÚKSÚP) and is assigned a certificate for the use in agriculture number 1408 from 13.10.2020. The other ingredients used in Aquaholder are also licensed for the use in agriculture.

A positive impact on the environment is the lower demands of hydrostimulation-treated seeds for the use of water in the first stages of growth - the absorption capacity of the superabsorbent maximizes the use of natural precipitation, respectively allows to reduce the dosage of water from irrigation systems.


Patented technology

Aquaholder is a highly innovative technology. Its innovativeness is also confirmed by the patent that was granted to Aquaholder in 2023 and is valid in 34 countries around the world. The subject of the patent is the product itself but also the method of applying the product to the seed.

The patent number is EP 4007796 B1. The owner of the patent is Pewas.


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