The fact that PEWAS is developing in the right direction is not only convinced by the results and positive feedback from our clients, but also by the recent comeback of another old-new colleague - Mr. Bohuslav Žúži.

Mr. Žúži is a real treasure. In 1992, together with Beata Verčimáková, he co-founded PEWAS, held the position of chief innovator and set the direction for the entire research. Now he has decided to return to us even though he is already fully entitled to a pension. Although he enjoys domestic work, traveling, his grandchildren and the garden, he cannot imagine his life without following new knowledge in the field to which he has been committed since 1967.

Bohuslav, we are thrilled that you have decided to apply and transfer your more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in the field to us in Pewas. We know that cooperation with you will be a huge benefit for us.

Thank you for enriching our team.