Agriculture Magazine Features Aquaholder Technology

We are excited to announce that our innovative Aquaholder product has been featured in the prestigious scientific journal Agriculture. The article, authored by Katarína Hrčková and Katarína Ondrejíčková from the Research Institute of Plant Production in Piešťany, thoroughly explains how Aquaholder technology aids in reducing plant stress and supporting growth during germination, especially in dry periods.

The findings from their two-year research demonstrate that Aquaholder positively influences the growth parameters of young corn plants, improving height, weight, leaf number, and the size of the soil part of the plants. Moreover, it was found that Aquaholder does not adversely affect bacterial and fungal communities in the rhizosphere and even promotes the diversity of soil microorganisms.

The article in a renowned scientific journal is a testament to our efforts bearing fruit and shows that Aquaholder has the real potential to become a key tool for sustainable agriculture.